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Develop research techniques specific to clinical and public health 

The stakes of medical and health research have never been higher. This resource covers methods used in clinical research, epidemiology, and public health studies. Expert video tutorials and case studies bring the practical application in a clinical setting to life. Studies are drawn from all major medical specialties, nursing, dentistry, and health policy research.

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Advantages of using Medicine & Health

  • Master relevant research methods with the aid of expert video tutorials and case studies showing how techniques are applied in real-life scenarios
  • Incorporate case studies into course work with the learning objectives and discussion questions provided
  • Learn from recent events with content specific to the COVID-19 pandemic

See sample content

Plasma From COVID-19 Survivors May Be Saving Lives in St. Louis

Plasma From COVID-19 Survivors May Be Saving Lives in St. Louis

Clinical Trials Using Plasma From COVID-19 Survivors to Fight COVID-19 Infection


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