Downloadable datasets to help master qualitative and quantitative analysis 

Learn by doing, with downloadable datasets and step-by-step guides that walk users through quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Sourced from government and academic sources, each dataset has been chosen for its ability to illustrate key techniques, so you get to learn analysis hands-on and instructors save hours of work sourcing and cleaning data.

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Advantages of using Datasets

  • Quickly find the right dataset with options to search by method, discipline, or data format
  • Learn SPSS, R, Stata, and Python with software guides included with quantitative data examples
  • Source student-ready data for assignments and exams
  • Learn how to manage “dirty data,” or datasets with missing variables and other problems

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SAGE Research Methods Datasets Part 1

SAGE Research Methods Datasets Part 1

Analysing Nonviolent Extremism in the West Using Thematic Analysis


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