Data Visualization

Learn how to create compelling visualizations to augment reports and presentations

Effective data visualizations can instantaneously communicate complex concepts by creating a visual story. Make your reports and presentations more powerful by following these techniques, delivered in step-by-step guides and annotated examples. Choosing the best visuals for your data and the pitfalls to avoid are also covered. 

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Advantages of using Data Visualization

  • Learn about the five types of visualizations—categorical, hierarchical, temporal, spatial, and network—and explore examples of each in the Chart Gallery
  • Watch video tutorials by experts and leaders in the field
  • Practice on 75 clean datasets, following step-by-step guides to create your own visualizations using a variety of online tools
  • Find the best software to create your visualization through overviews of the key tools available

See sample content

Storytelling With Big Data: An Example From COVID-19 Data

Storytelling With Big Data: An Example From COVID-19 Data

Rob Wells Discusses Strategies for Telling Stories From Large Datasets


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