Experts from diverse perspectives explore new understanding of human society.

Explore society from a range of perspectives, including socio-economic class structure, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, health and aging, crime, work and labor studies, and the social interactions of everyday life. Recent content includes an interactive tutorial to help users recognize their societal privileges and the origins of the moniker “Karen.”

Advantages of using Sociology

  • Practitioners take you behind the scenes to highlight careers and real-world practice, and deliver tutorial videos tackling hot topics
  • Hear from contributors George Ritzer on consumption; Akwugo Emejulu on social justice; and Les Back on race, class, and ethnicity
  • Focus on key learning objectives with videos that have been developed to map precisely to the curriculum
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The Socio-Historical Evolution of Karen

The Socio-Historical Evolution of Karen

Dr. S. Rasheem Introduces the Concept of and Provides a Sociological Description of Karen


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