Criminology & Criminal Justice

Explore the full criminal justice system and learn to research reforms.

The criminal justice system is brought vividly to life with tutorial videos covering the criminal investigation process; case studies showing how research affects policy and practices; and films that take viewers inside forensics labs, correctional facilities, and courtrooms. Recent content explores societal injustices and necessary reforms for correction.

Advantages of using Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • Learn from top Sage contributors, including Ben Bowling on international law enforcement and David Wall on cybercrime
  • Focus on key learning objectives with videos that have been developed to map precisely to the curriculum
  • Explore how societal injustices, international and domestic, affect the criminal justice system and what can be done to reform it
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Criminal Justice in Practice: Reentry Into the Community

Criminal Justice in Practice: Reentry Into the Community

Scenario Portraying Risk-Assessment for a Reentry Into the Community


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