Video: Practical Research & Academic Skills

Build foundational skills for academic and research success 

While research methods are generally covered in the curriculum, other essentials skills—such as project management, academic writing, and presentation skills—are not. The videos in this collection cover key skills you need for successful transitions to higher education, independent research, and for confidently sharing your findings through publication or professional presentations.

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Advantages of using Practical Research & Academic Skills

  • Develop the foundational skills necessary – such as project management and presentation skills – to ensure that your research is reliable and well-communicated.
  • Master key steps of the research process, including writing persuasive proposals, securing ethical approval, and working with advisors
  • Optimize the reach of your research with guidance on the publication process, professional networking, and giving conference presentations
  • Easily embed videos in learning management systems, enlivening courses, both online and in person

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Networking & Professional Development for Graduate Students


Sage Research Methods Video

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