Sage and AACSB

Business research with societal impact

Sage is a proud Business Education Alliance Member of AACSB International, the world's most prestigious accreditation body for business schools. As an active part of the AACSB community, Sage works to provide educational resources that align with accreditation standards and known needs. 


Resources from Sage and AACSB

Sage and AACSB Thought Paper

Research That Matters: An Action Plan for Creating Business School Research that Positively Impacts Society

Sage sponsored AACSB Explores video 

Empowering Socially Responsible Future Leaders

Sage article in AACSB Insights

Teaching DEI Through Case Studies

Sage and AACSB joint webinar

Enriching the B-School Classroom by Partnering with Socially Innovative Enterprises

This session focused on the growing importance of social enterprises of all sizes—from certified B Corps to LC3s to social startups to socially responsible investing and more—and how educators can build connections with these companies to enrich the business curriculum for their students.

Sage Business

Shaping the future of business to support a thriving global society

As the world becomes more interconnected, the speed of change in both business and society is ever-increasing. The next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs need business education to keep pace. We believe in addressing social impact, not just business success. Gaining insight from a breadth of diverse, global perspectives. And equipping students with future-facing skills, not just knowledge. It's business viewed from every perspective.

What makes Sage Business unique?

Simplicity of use

with embeddable content, including video clips and data embeds

Easy access and cost-efficiency

means no extra registration steps and costs for students

Alumni access

allows graduates use of valuable content for industry and job research

Digital learning

that unites theory with practice to teach in-demand skills

Scalable academic resources

to help move courses online

Unlimited, simultaneous access

with no need to relicense content

Built for success

to prepare students for the future

Modern Content

developed with a diverse global perspective

Available from Sage Business

Business Cases

A global collection of 5,550+ cases representing diverse perspectives

Business Foundations

Traditional and emerging business theories matched to real-world situations

Business Skills

Build professional skills essential for career success with interactive modules

Business Data Decisions

Make strategic business recommendations through data-driven analysis

Sage Data

Billions of multidisciplinary, global statistics for research and instruction
Research and insights blog

Business & Management INK

Cutting-edge insights published by Sage, as well as other important pieces from the academic business and management arena — by the academics or practitioner authors themselves.
Free resources

Business & Management Impact

A range of resources for researchers, instructors, students, and policymakers to show how ideas can lead to real-world innovation, with an emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices and societal impact to help you educate, inform, research, and learn.