Negotiation and Conflict Management
VR Experience


Learn and perfect your negotiation and conflict management skills via realistic simulations, integrated coaching, and AI-powered feedback.

Our new series of virtual reality simulations provides immersive solutions designed for students in Business and related fields who need to master the art of negotiation and conflict management. It is created in collaboration with Bodyswaps – an innovator in educational virtual reality, and it is perfect for students studying Business & Management and fields such as Labor & Industrial Relations, Health Care, Education, Law, Communication, Political Science, and Public Administration. Negotiation skills are invaluable in both professional and everyday life; the experiences needed to build these skills are brought to life through role-playing scenarios and repeated practice.

How does it work?

The experience, prepared with the help of a subject expert and Sage author, Kevin Rockmann (Professor of Management, George Mason University), will fully immerse learners into three separate 20-25 minute modules that progress them in their understanding and execution of negotiations. Upon entering each module, learners meet VR coaches who initially ask them to reflect on their understanding before giving best-practice demonstrations of successful negotiations. Users then interact first-hand with avatars in a series of scenarios to help them better understand and practice their negotiating capability, receiving real-time feedback and a chance to playback their interactions from the other person’s viewpoint. The outcome for learners is both reflective and experiential learning, helping boost their confidence and skills through coaching and repeated practice.

Learning Objectives

Module 1: Laying the Groundwork for Negotiation

Reflect on your approach to conflict and negotiation

Make effective small talk

Build rapport and trust, and manage good impressions

Be an effective active listener

Module 2: Negotiation Skills: Approach and Mindset

Recognize the link between emotions and approaches in negotiating

Identify behaviors that indicate a ‘convincing’ or 'combative'  approach

Investigate interests and ‘expanding the pie’ for a better outcome

Successfully negotiate a positive outcome by adopting an ‘understanding’ approach.

Module 3: Gaining Influence and Greater Value in Negotiations

Understand the sources of influence in negotiations

Use self-coaching to boost your confidence in gaining influence

Discover tangible and intangible interests

Adding issues and gaining more value in negotiations