Student Success

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Build academic and personal skills for lifelong success

Student Success equips your students with the practical academic and personal skills they need to thrive both in higher education and in your future career. Topics are delivered through multimedia and interactive content and cover core skills including academic writing, critical thinking, information literacy, intercultural awareness, and study strategies.

Advantages of using Student Success

  • Develop essential academic skills to help you ace your undergraduate courses
  • Nurture your personal skills in resilience, self-care, and time management to secure your wellbeing
  • Learn about the impact of bias and inequity and how you can be a driver of positive change
  • Practice critical thinking techniques to become an independent thinker, student and citizen
  • Recognize how academic skills like effective writing and attribution can benefit your confidence in daily and workplace experiences

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Information Literacy Module

Information Literacy Module

Information’s Not Neutral, and Neither Are Individuals| Revisiting the Information Landscape


Sage Skills: Student Success

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