Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

in Sage Learning Resources

As an independent company with a mission of building bridges to knowledge, we enable people from all backgrounds to contribute to and benefit from teaching and research resources that are balanced, grounded, anti-racist, and promote a more just society. To accomplish this, we pledge to:

Represent diverse communities

We pledge to be extra vigilant in our practice to publish content, both originally produced and licensed by Sage, which contains diverse communities of people, including BIPOC/BAME and different gender groups, LGBTQIA+ people, and people with disabilities. Our aim is for all our readers to find themselves and their experiences reflected in our content.   ​

Be an advocate for social justice

We pledge to identify and publish content that provides evidence of whether and where social, economic, health, environmental, and other forms of injustice and inequity exist within societies across the world’s nations. Sage passionately believes in supporting research and education, and one way to do this is in advances in equity and inclusion.  ​

Incorporate different academic perspectives

We pledge to represent a multitude of different, academic perspectives in our content around topics that are central to study across the university campus, and especially the social and behavioral sciences. We will publish topics in an authoritative, nonpartisan, and evenhanded manner. ​

Champion established and emerging disciplines

We pledge to encourage submissions and publish on topics that have been traditionally overlooked or undertreated or are fast-emerging in subjects across the university campus, and especially the social and behavioral sciences. We pledge to do so while maintaining our commitment to known disciplines. ​

Support global perspectives

We pledge to publish content that reflects the academic landscape, and especially the social and behavioral landscape, not only in large, highly industrialized countries but in all communities around the globe. ​

Place inclusive design and accessibility at the heart of our product design principles

We pledge to ensure our products are designed with inclusion at their hearts, avoiding designs that will exclude any user. We pledge to aim at achieving high standards for accessibility for our products, specifically aspiring to maintain WCAG AA conformance and Sections 504 and 508 compliance (Rehabilitation Act of 1973), so that our users are engaged and not excluded. We will be open, honest, and clear about any areas in which we fall short. ​Learn more about accessibility at Sage.

Use feedback to help shape our products

Finally, we pledge to ensure that our products are developed following consultation with a diverse group of academic and library advisers at regular intervals, to ensure that our DEI pledges are being met to the highest degree possible. ​


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