CQ Researcher migration and URL update


In March 2023, Sage unveiled an exciting company brand refresh. This refresh includes a rename of the Sage Digital Library Products to Sage Learning Resources.

To reflect our new Sage Learning Resources brand, in summer 2023, CQ Researcher will migrate to a new platform and the URL will be updated from https://library.cqpress.com to https://cqpress.sagepub.com.

If your library is a current customer, then please review this FAQ and checklist of administrative tasks to complete to ensure access to the new platform.

What updates can I expect from the platform migration?

Same trustworthy reports, new and improved platform

Nothing has changed in our content offering, your holdings, or in the functionality or the accessibility of the product.

Enhanced features

  • Streamlined display and refreshed content pages to reduce complexity and focus on the essential information in the right context.
  • New homepage that showcases essential report information, quick access to content, and a refreshed presentation.
  • Improved accessibility, inclusive design, improved navigation, cross product discovery and improvements to the overall user experience.
  • Improved search capabilities and enhanced platform discovery.

Will there be any changes to the CQR URL structure?

Yes. The new URL will be https://cqpress.sagepub.com.

When will CQR implement the new URL and migrate to the new platform?

The updated URL and migration will occur over Summer 2023—we will be in communication with you regarding a definite date. Stay tuned!

Will the URL changes be passed to library discovery service providers/link resolvers?

Yes, the updated URL will be sent to Ex Libris, ProQuest, OCLC, and EBSCO the month after it is implemented to ensure that the updated URLs are incorporated into their link resolver systems and discovery service indexes.

Will updated KBART files be available?

Yes, KBART files with the updated URLs will be available by the end of Fall 2023 through ERM and delivered to Discovery Service Providers to be updated in their knowledgebase.

Will an updated MARC file be available?

Yes, the MARC record with the updated URLs will be available for download from your Secure Center account the month after the updated URL is implemented. The MARC record will also be sent to Discovery Service Providers at that time.

Will updated XML files be available?

Yes, full-text XML files will be available.

Will authentication be impacted? 

No, user authentication will not be impacted by the URL update.

What will happen to the current URL and will there be redirects in place?

The current URL ( https://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher) will remain in place indefinitely and will redirect to the updated URL, https://cqpress.sagepub.com. This updated URL will be live in Summer 2023 at which point we recommend customers complete the checklist detailed next.

What administrative tasks do library customers need to complete to ensure continued access?

Please complete the checklist items.

Checklist for CQR URL Update and Migration

BEFORE the migration and URL update: Check and update your institution information in Secure Center:

  • Check your institutional IP addresses, including any proxy IP you may have. Any changes to IP addresses need to be emailed to Sage at IPUpdates@sagepub.com.
  • Update your EZproxy stanza. Find the most current version on our Secure Secure Center portal portal or go to https://help.oclc.org/Library_Management/EZproxy/Database_stanzas/Sage_Journals and download the latest Sage stanza. Add the stanza to your EZproxy config.txt file, then restart the EZproxy server. Finally, email your proxy IP address to Sage at IPUpdates@sagepub.com.
  • Update your Open URL or EZproxy prefix within SecureCenter.
  • Review our off-campus access options. In addition to EZproxy, Sage supports Open Athens & Shibboleth, as well as username and password access.
  • Ensure your institutional logo has been uploaded for display on the platform.

AFTER the migration and URL update: Replace your CQ Researcher catalog listing to the new URL and description:

  • https://cqpress.sagepub.com
  • Learn about major issues from current and historical perspectives and the inner workings of the U.S. government from authoritative, accessible, and unbiased sources.

AFTER the migration and URL update:

Contact us

For technical support, please contact OnlineSupport@sagepub.co.uk.

My questions have not been answered; who may I speak to? 

Please contact your Sage Library Sales Partner or contact us at LibraryMktg@sagepub.com.