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Learn about major issues from current and historical perspectives and the inner workings of the U.S. government from authoritative, accessible, and unbiased sources

Now in its 100th year, CQ Researcher is the choice of students and librarians for a balanced view of today's most pressing social, political, and economic issues. Each weekly report covers the given topic in a non-sensationalized manner, and many reports feature a pro/con debate, highlighting both sides of the argument. 

Advantages of using CQ Researcher

  • Learn to easily navigate and contextualize today’s social, political, economic, and policy issues with every weekly report
  • Expand your outlook on current events with a "Pro-Con" debate, Issue Tracker, additional resources, and more.
  • Gain historical perspective from CQ Researcher Archive, offering 4,500+ reports dating back to 1923 on topics still prevalent today
  • Have confidence in the information you’re gathering; every report is written by a professional journalist and fully fact-checked

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Misinformation and the Media

Misinformation and the Media

Can legitimate news outlets regain trust in the “fake news” era?


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