Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

in CQ Researcher

Sage's CQ Researcher is written and edited by professional journalists who take seriously the responsibility to seek out diverse voices and to ensure that our reports fully reflect the experiences of many different communities and interests.

While we of course quote the views of academics and other experts, we also take care to include the experiences of those directly caught up in the issues we write about – for example, the indigenous Honduran asylum-seeker whose experiences led our recent report on global migration.

We select our photographic illustrations with an eye to inclusivity.

We also seek out diverse voices for our contributors to the Pro/Con section of our reports, one of our most well read features.

More broadly, we take care to choose report topics that represent the interests of many communities and groups, such as our report on the debate over reparations for slavery.

The essence of our publication is full and fair debate, and we are committed to making sure that every legitimate point of view is sought out and fully aired in our reports.