Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

in Sage Campus

Sage Campus supports the teaching and learning of skills and research methods through structured online learning. As a product team, we have clear commitments to showcasing a diverse range of content as well as representations of people and populations throughout our course suite and we also have commitments regarding platform inclusivity and accessibility. 

Our core diversity, equity, and inclusion pledges are below. We will be open, honest, and clear about any areas in which we fall short and invite feedback from our customers and partners about this at any time. If you have comments or feedback, please direct them to campus.info@sagepub.com.

Our Pledges

Representing Diverse Communities. We pledge to be extra vigilant in our practice to publish content that contains and reflects diverse communities of people, including BIPOC/BAME and different gender groups, LGBTQIA+ people, and people with disabilities. Our aim is for all our learners to find their experiences reflected in our content.

To place inclusive design and accessibility at the heart of our product design principles. We pledge to ensure our platform is designed with inclusion at its heart, avoiding designs that will exclude any user. We pledge to achieve high standards for accessibility for these platforms, specifically to achieve and maintain a minimum of WCAG AA conformance and Sections 504 and 508 compliance (Rehabilitation Act of 1973) so that our users are engaged and not excluded.

Showcasing a diversity of voices. We pledge to include a diverse range of voices and perspectives within our content from across the academic spectrum to assist academic conversations and to heighten educational and research attainment for our end users.

Encouraging a diverse and equitable referencing practice. We pledge to work with our contributors to ensure that their content presentations cite or reference work from a wide range of scholarly sources, in particular the work of minority racial and ethnic groups, women and other genders, LGBTQIA+ people, and people with disabilities.

Key Initiatives underway in 2023

Our Editorial team is focusing on expanding our Editorial Boards and specifically focusing on recruiting further members where needed to support our content and platform development pledges.

The Editorial team are making diversity, equity, and inclusion representation a priority when developing curricula, content and resource lists for our online courses and course updates.

Work to ensure that Sage Campus course suite meets the above pledges is developing and ongoing, and there is full commitment to improving our work as we publish new courses.