Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

in Sage Business Cases

In building a truly global case collection with more than 120 countries represented, the Sage Business Cases editorial team is dedicated to prioritizing a broad and inclusive range of backgrounds and perspectives from around the world. Bringing in both scholarly expertise and firsthand experience, our Sage Original authors have written with authority and authenticity on topics such as returnee entrepreneurship in Nigeria, supporting female leadership in Saudi Arabia, and the struggles of small family businesses in Mexico and the Philippines.

With the same attention to diversity, our contributors also curate ongoing and upcoming case series that focus on overlooked and emerging topics, such as Women & Leadership and Immigrant Entrepreneurship.

We also partner with an impressive group of global partners that provide cases written through the lens of different world views and economic backgrounds. From the University of Zurich’s focus on Swiss Chinese cross-cultural management to the University of Cape Town in South Africa’s focus on emerging markets and local business to the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases that explores the global tourism and hospitality industries, our partners add a true diversity of perspectives to the classroom.

As the global economy continues to create intersections between different cultures and perspectives, the Sage Business Cases team is committed to developing a representative, diverse, and dynamic case collection.

Our Pledges

Support global perspectives. We pledge to publish content that reflects the business and management landscape not only in large, highly industrialized countries but in communities around the globe. Recruit authors, editors, and reviewers who represent diverse communities.

Recruit authors, editors, and reviewers who represent diverse communities. We pledge to recruit and support a range of academic and professional voices that consider all aspects of diversity, including gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, and ability. Our aim is for all our readers to find themselves and their experiences reflected in our content.

Champion emerging sub disciplines. We pledge to encourage submissions and publish on topics that have been traditionally overlooked or undertreated in the business curriculum, such as Women & Leadership, Family Business, and Immigrant Entrepreneurship.

Accessibility and inclusion. We pledge to hold our platform to the highest standards possible for accessibility, specifically maintaining at least WCAG 2.1 AA conformance and Section 508 compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act), so that our users are engaged and not excluded.

These are aspirational goals, but ones that we are working very hard to achieve. We believe strongly that they are the duty of a responsible publishing company.