Sage Catalyst Librarian Customer Hub 

Welcome to the Sage Catalyst librarian customer hub. Here, you will find information, promotional assets, and resources to get the most from your Sage Catalyst subscription.

Getting Started: Increase Discoverability

To get the most usage from Sage Catalyst, follow the steps below to ensure your library patrons can discover this resource:

  • Catalogue each title in the Sage Catalyst collection using the MARC Records, which can be downloaded from SecureCenter.
  • Alternatively, you can find Sage Catalyst titles through the major discovery services: EBSCO, OCLC, ProQuest, and Clarivate. The MARC Records or KBART files can be found and activated in their knowledge bases. 
           * List the Sage Catalyst titles in your A-Z eBooks and subject listings.
           * Use the Sage Catalyst resource description in the downloadable discoverability checklist.
  • Promote your unique Sage Catalyst discovery layer, hosted on the Talis platform. All university patrons can access the discovery layer and browse titles by discipline or search by title, author, and ISBN. We recommend browsing by subject area as opposed to only searching by titles - this maximises the value of this collection to your institution. The discovery layer is aimed at faculty to browse the collection and add titles to the Talis Elevate app to use in their teaching.
  • Embed Talis Elevate easily within your Virtual Learning Environment. 

Sage Catalyst FAQ

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Get faculty using Sage Catalyst

As part of your institution's subscription to Sage Catalyst, all faculty can use the Talis Elevate app. Talis Elevate is a collaborative teaching and learning tool that enables faculty to add the Sage Catalyst textbooks and other resources into modules for their class - and interact with their students within the resources in virtual classroom discussions. Below are ways to promote this to your faculty:

  • Email announcement to faculty: share the  Faculty Hub and link it to your library website and catalogue
  • Share the  Talis Elevate signup form with faculty
  • Add Sage Catalyst Start Guide to your library website and share it with faculty

Let your students know about Sage Catalyst

Your institution's Sage Catalyst subscription offers considerable value to students. Students get unlimited, equitable online access to the full collection of 700+ social science eTextbooks via Sage Catalyst - meaning they can save money on buying textbooks. Below are some ways you can promote Sage Catalyst to students:

  • Email announcement to students
  • Tweets and social media posts

Promotional Assets

Download our promotional assets below to use on your library website or to print out for department or library notice boards to help promote Sage Catalyst to students.

Support and additional resources

Title List Information

Download the full title list for the Sage Catalyst Core and add-on packages.

Download the title list

Talis Elevate Support

For any queries regarding the Talis Elevate app, you can browse the  support pages for FAQs or submit a request.

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